We are a local, family owned boat building shop located on the South Coast near Carpinteria, California.  We specialize in the building of custom wooden rowing-sailing dories.

We can also build all manner of small craft: yacht tenders, dinghies, sea kayaks.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you.


Our Mission

To reignite the seafaring culture of the South Coast.  To not merely walk the beach, but to venture out into the ocean under sail and oar.  To explore the sea under her terms using the elements, your mind and body together in partnership.  

To accomplish this mission, we build boats that are as beautiful as they are functional.  Boats that are low impact, low maintenance, easily transported and are affordable.  No harbors, no motors, just a sense of fun and adventure.

a boat neither for class racing nor as a harbour ornament, but to go to sea in...
— Conor O'Brian Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails

Back Story

Carpinteria, CA has had a long history of boat building and seafaring.  In 1769, the Portola Expedition stumbled upon a Chumash village which contained many Tomols being built.  Thus they named the town Carpinteria or the carpenters shop.  Before the Chumash, the Channel Islands were settled by people that undoubtedly arrived by sea; rowing and sailing their way along the Western North American continent. 

Since natural harbors are few and far between in California, early explorers and settlers had to rely on small open boats to ferry supplies and people ashore.  In Two Years Before the Mast, Richard Dana writes about these early years and the some of the inevitable "duckings" they received when they came ashore in their open boats.   

In the modern era the Dory was used by life guards up and down the coast to save the occasional hapless swimmer.  Local legend Jeff White lead the charge in the 1960s as a prominent Dory racer.  

Today we are continuing the tradition with the Carpinteria Dory.